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Bonacure Repair Rescue Gift Bag

IDH No. 2840478

A set of three Repair Rescue Gift Bag

Product Details

Enhances and maintains color vibrancy

ADVANCED SKIN CARE TECHNOLOGIES NOW APPLIED TO HAIR As with skin care, hair care products need to treat each hair type differently, respecting its own characteristics. Schwarzkopf Professional Laboratories have integrated the best skin care technologies into BC Bonacure. Delivering salon beautiful hair for every client in salon and at home.

Key benefits

  • Backbar Service kit products allows for customizable neutralization for blonde, highlighted and white hair.
  • Each of our neutralizing products contains a carefully selected blend of purple and blue pigments to provide the desired neutralization effect.
  • Repair Kera Restore Mask 200ml


TRIPLE BONDING TECHNOLOGY is based on 10 years of research and strengthens the hair structure from within. It features a tri-valent ion that helps build new bonds through the creation of a 3-dimensional network inside the hair fiber. C21 TECHNOLOGY involves a highly effective conditioning agent that works on the hair’s surface by using the biomimetic principle of lipid replenishment. Virgin hair is protected by an outer layer of 21 hydrocarbons called proteolipids, a combination of proteins and fatty acids. Damaged hair loses this protective layer. The C21 TECHNOLOGY restores the C21-Lipid chains.



  • Brand

    Bonacure Core (P) - SB

  • Product dimensions

    Height 230 mm
    Width 145 mm
    Depth 145 mm

  • Product weight

    1.088 kg

  • Ingredients


Tutorials & Instructions

Enhances and maintains color vibrancy

How to use

Application: Mix 5 to 10 pumps of the appropriate neutralizing booster with 25g of the Fibre Clinix TriBond Treatment. Apply to damp hair. Apply in sections to mid-lengths and ends, or to blonde and white areas for the Neutralizing Boosters. Leave to process for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse immediately if product comes into contact with them. Keep out of reach of children.